So’Flo by Ascencia, creating difference!

The new shopping mall, So’Flo, is opening its doors at the end of year. Located in the center of the Mauritius. So’Flo provides an easy access to a broader audience from all over the island. The combination of its modern design, customized service and an exclusive but affordable offer, will provide a unique experience to the public. Luxury Mauritius will help you discover So’Flo by Ascencia.

By focusing the shopping experience on each customer and his desires, So’Flo by Ascencia aims at standing out from other shopping malls of the island. Its modern architectural design will bring forward its green spaces and will enhance natural light. Additionally, it will provide shelter during heavy showers as well as a well-ventilated space during summer. So’Flo also wants to stay in line with the conviviality of Floréal and the mall will revolve around its key element, the restaurants from different cultures. A wide variety of products and services is also expected as confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of Ascencia, Frédéric Tyack,

“The shopping mall will welcome new brands on the market, Crab & Co, MOA et Trésor Rare, therefore offering alternatives and a wider choice to the public. There will be a wellness center equipped with a gym, as well as a spa and a bar where people can relax and unwind.”

This one-stop destination will provide a range of services including a pharmacy and optical shops, but the major factor of differentiation of So’Flo will be its “food hall”. Compared to the “food courts” of shopping malls, this “food hall” will welcome casual dining restaurants which will appeal to the most discerning palates. So’Flo’s food hall will be an ideal location for lovers of Chinese cuisine since the shopping mall will specialise in Chinese gastronomy and will take you to the discovery of Treasures, a restaurant under the supervision of the Chef Pan.

Chef-Pan-Chine-Treasure-LM Le Chef Pan

A gold medal winner of several culinary competitions, Chef Pan will take you onto a journey of tastes and flavours, smartly put together through dishes prepared in his restaurant, Treasures. The restaurant will open on the 29th of November, and it will be one of the leading brands of the shopping mall for its fresh produce. The Chef Pan has expressed that,

“Mauritius was lacking, until now, a Chinese restaurant capable of proposing a Chinese gastronomy which can satisfy the most refined palates.”

By using its unique concept, So’Flo by Ascencia aspires to become a place of leisure where the audience will only go shopping but will also enjoy the fresh air of Plaine Wilhems. Luxury Mauritius invites you to discover this ideal shopping mall in terms of conviviality, accommodation and location.